The best contents of the week in MC (CCLVIII)

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1621859106 mejores contenidos mc 1000x600.jpg

We close the week with the usual summary that we publish on Sunday where we include the best content that we have been offering you during the last seven days.

Intel Core 11 Tiger Lake H cover

Intel Core 11 Tiger Lake H. New generation of high-performance notebook processors, whose presentation has been replicated by multiple manufacturers that will use them, such as ASUS; Lenovo; Dell and Alienware; Razer or Acer.


How to choose the ideal NAS for homes or small businesses. This type of device adds storage and connectivity technologies to offer the advantages of both worlds, allowing total access to data from home or from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

The best contents of the week in MC (CCLVIII) 31

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 GA503. Complete analysis of a laptop gaming that is committed to a marked premium approach, something that is noticeable not only in its specifications, but also in its design and its build quality.

The best contents of the week in MC (CCLVIII) 33

This is how Windows 10 made my SSDs disappear. Personal story of a hair-raising fiasco and is a good example of the erratic Windows updates that cause as many problems as they fix.

The best contents of the week in MC (CCLVIII) 35

How to pause Windows 10 updates. Connected to the previous article, we offer you all the ways to delay these updates, a mandatory technique for any user fed up with supporting errors with this operating system.

The underground railway

News VOD 20/21. Our weekly series and movies special brings you the best releases of the week on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video and the rest of the services. Today we are guided by criticism to highlight that The underground railway it is a wonder.

The best contents of the week in MC (CCLVIII) 38

GeForce RTX 3050 Ti and RTX 3050. Another of the week’s big component announcements has come from NVIDIA’s new mid-range notebook cards, designed to offer good gaming performance working with 1080p resolution.

Trust GXT Esca analysis Cover

Trust GXT Esca. We review this gaming keyboard for all audiences, designed to offer a full color experience, with a unique and innovative design and an entry-level price suitable for any pocket.

YouTube music

How to download music from YouTube? Listening to off-line music extracted from the Google video portal is possible with these free applications that we propose, very easy to use at the click of a button and without the need to download any application to your PC.

give a second life to your pc

Five keys to give a second life to your PC. Giving your PC a second life without spending a lot of money may seem complicated, especially if you want to use it mainly for gaming, but it is possible as you will see in this guide.


How to download all photos and videos from a Telegram chat. Sharing photos and videos is one of the basic activities of every messaging user and we will dedicate ourselves to that in this practical article to help you because content accumulates.

Other MC content you shouldn’t miss

In addition to the previous selection, the week has given much and we can highlight a few other articles that we think you will like:

  • Amazon updates its smart display speakers, Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 5.
  • Chia mining can destroy an SSD in 40 days.
  • And speaking of durability: which lasts longer, a hard drive or an SSD?
  • Apple prepares a hybrid console with ray tracing and its own GPU.
  • Trust Week at PcComponentes: discounts of up to 50% for a limited time.
  • Ubisoft could bring all of its franchises to the Free to Play model.
  • The deadline to accept the new WhatsApp conditions is over.
  • Lost or Forgotten Wi-Fi Password: How to Fix It.
  • Corsair Gaming Week: New deals on peripherals, accessories and components.
  • Radeon RX 6600 XT and Radeon RX 6600: Specifications and possible performance.
  • New World, Amazon’s first MMO, previews new details and release date.
  • Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra arrives in Spain boasting of benefits, but not of adjusted price.
  • Huawei Qingyun L410, a unique laptop with ARM and Linux.
  • The Samsung Exynos for laptops will arrive this year with GPUs from AMD.
  • The new MacBook Air will arrive with a fresh design and the SoC M2.
  • Sony WF-1000XM4, hunting for AirPods on all fronts.
  • Panasonic introduces its new 4K OLED and LED TVs for 2021.
  • Our Readers Talk: What’s the worst game you’ve ever bought?
  • The best deals of the week on a new Red Friday.
  • Don’t miss our technical analysis of Resident Evil Village.
  • We finish in our engine section with the in-depth test of the Fiat 500e cabrio.

More TPNET Articles That May Interest You

If MC is the consumer portal, surely you know that our parent company TPNET offers other websites dedicated to professionals, SMEs or channels, in addition to those specialized in security or Linux. We leave you some of the published content that may be of interest to you.

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  • Colonial Pipeline, Can a Ransomware Attack Put a Country Like the US Out of Fuel?
  • Technology applied to education, what should you know? [Ebook gratuito]
  • LibreOffice will release its own HUD in its next version.
  • The 7 highest paying tech jobs in 2021.
  • Do consumers want sustainable technology?
  • The self-employed could modify their contribution up to six times, with the 2023 reform.
  • Ubuntu Touch OTA-17 is moving towards 20.04 LTS.
  • Half of the Spanish CISOs do not feel prepared to tackle cyberattacks.