The best apps to paint mandalas

mandalas coloring apps on android
mandalas coloring apps on android
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Mandalas coloring apps on Android

In Sanskrit, Mandala means “circle”, but it is also a word that is used to define magic circles or the concentration of energy. These are symbols that represent wholeness, integration and harmony.

Mandalas are geometric figures that are used in psychology to improve concentration and meditation.

Mandalas are figures based on sacred geometries, which mix symbols, drawings, numbers and colors. These traditional drawings began to be used in psychology, thanks to the work of Carl Jung who related these drawings to the idea of ​​psychological growth, since they start from the center and “unfold”. Today they are used as a relaxation and meditation technique.

We already told you some web pages to print and color mandalas, but today we are going to focus on mobile applications that you can use to bring this experience to your mobile phone as well. These are the ones we recommend.

-Mandala Coloring Book: Android app with classic mandalas and other types of coloring pages. Organize content by categories to make it easier for the user to find. It offers different tools for coloring such as pencils, brush, brush or marker, as well as different gradients. The created mandalas can be shared on social networks.

Mandalas coloring apps

-Flowers Mandala Coloring: A very simple app for Android, with 100 different designs, easy to fill in and with the possibility of sharing your creations on social networks.

Mandala flowers Coloring apps for phone

-Mandalas coloring for adults: An application very similar to the previous one, available in the Google Play Store, with more than 100 different designs. It allows you to zoom with the designs, as well as use up to 50 different colors. Once the designs are finished, they can be downloaded, saved or shared on social platforms.

Mandala coloring apps for adults

-Coloring Book Mandala: This Android app offers a large number of mandalas to color, as well as other types of drawings. It has features to paint by numbers, “white noise” to sleep better and a series of soothing sounds that will help you relax.

Mandalas coloring apps

-Mandala Zion – Color and Relax: This app for mandala colors for Android offers a wide collection of templates in high definition, with very varied colors, as well as a series of gradients and patterns. It allows the combination of effects, to create up to 379 different effects. The mandalas created can be downloaded, printed or shared on networks.

Mandala Zion App Android

-Mandala Pixel Art: Available for Android, it is an application that allows you to color mandalas using numbers. It has a wide collection of templates, organized by categories. It allows you to download the drawings once they are finished, as well as send them through social platforms.

Mandala Pixel Art app for Android