[ ] Thank you to and for this copy of by which came out 11/24/2020! • I t…

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Thank you to bibliolifestyle and kensingtonbooks for this copy of by which came out 11/24/2020! 💙

I took a break from WW2 books for a bit but when I saw the synopsis for this one, I knew I wanted to pick it up! It’s the story of Irene Sendler who was a Polish social worker who saved thousands of Jewish children . I feel like I haven’t read much about social workers of that period so I’m excited to find out more about this one experience which is based on a true story. 💙

Based on the gripping true story of an unlikely Polish resistance fighter who helped save thousands of Jewish children from the Warsaw ghetto during World War II, Irena’s War is a heart-pounding novel of courage in action, helmed by an extraordinary and unforgettable protagonist.

September 1939: The conquering Nazis swarm through Warsaw as social worker Irena Sendler watches in dread from her apartment window. Already, the city’s poor go hungry. Irena wonders how she will continue to deliver food and supplies to those who need it most, including the forbidden Jews. The answer comes unexpectedly.

Dragged from her home in the night, Irena is brought before a Gestapo agent, Klaus Rein, who offers her a position running the city’s soup kitchens, all to maintain the illusion of order. Recruited by the underground Polish resistance organization Zegota, she carries out an audacious scheme to rescue Jewish children. One by one, they are smuggled out in baskets and garbage carts, or led through dank sewers to safety–every success raising Klaus’s ire. Determined to quell the uprising, he draws Irena into a cat-and-mouse game that will test her in every way–and where the slightest misstep could mean not just her own death, but the slaughter of those innocents she is so desperate to save.

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