Thank you for the book. “Of course, I preferred Mom’s kimchi jjigae to pot ro…

Thank you randomhouse for the book. 🧡
“Of course, I preferred Mom’s kimchi jjigae to pot roast or meatloaf, but I suppressed the hell out of that in order to fit in.” 🧡

Phenomenal memoir and one that moved me to tears. I’ve been a huge fan of David Chang of Momofuku fame for a long time and remember seeing him in the media over the years and always silently rooting him on. He is not known for holding back and his memoir is no different. He talks about his mental health; he talks about his childhood and relationship (or non relationship) with members of his family; he talks about building his empire. But there’s such a candid and vulnerability to the telling of his story. I shed tears reading about Quino, one of his colleagues who was there from the beginning. His feelings towards his friend , even as he left the organization, was conveyed to me, the reader, and their friendship touched me so much. And the chapter about his wife, Grace. So beautiful 😍 And to see them on social media with the new baby just makes me happy. I deeply respect Chang and love his bold cooking, but I also appreciate him as being a role model for young Korean Americans, whether he wants to be or not! 🙂 He writes about how we are NOT a monolith and we most certainly are not. It’s individuals like David Chang who have worked hard and against the grain in both American and Korean cultures for my kids to have it easier today in the lunchroom, not being teased for bringing seaweed Iike I was, 35 years ago. Read this memoir! It’s not just about cooking or building an empire, it’s a slice of Korean American life and through Chang’s experiences, you may find there are themes that are central to all of us, regardless of where we come from. Mental health, family, starting a career – these are all universal things. And of course, the ultimate unifier – food. 🧡

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  2. Oh, this really makes me want to dive into this book!! Also, they’re going to talk about it in Book Riot: The Podcast next week for their mid-week episode. They mentioned it today.

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