Tesla Vision: it will use only its cameras for the autopilot mode of its cars

Tesla Vision: it will use only its cameras for the autopilot mode of its cars
tesla vision: it will use only its cameras for the

Vehicles Tesla they use the cameras a lot. Just a couple of days ago, the world’s largest-cap automaker said it will use its on-board cameras by leveraging more computer vision to launch a step forward in its self-driving technology called Tesla Vision.

Tesla Vision: it will use only its cameras for the autopilot mode of its cars

Tesla Vision is presented as a new generation of AutoPilot. However, the Autopilot has become a polarizing element, as many people have bypassed the safety measures that Tesla has put in place and have used it in an unsafe way, without the supervision or intervention of the driver. To avoid this problem, Tesla has begun to use the car’s rearview mirror camera to monitor the driver and ensure the correct use of AutoPilot.

Tesla has started using cameras on the Model 3 and Model Y to make sure people pay attention to the road while the AutoPilot is on. Before this update, Tesla used to monitor drivers using the sensors on the steering wheelSince the driver always needs to have his hands on the wheel to have the AutoPilot activated.

Tesla Vision: it will use only its cameras

This change has come after years of scrutiny and criticism from regulators and safety experts to improve driver monitoring. Even Elon Musk, who is a great supporter of AutoPilot has admitted that most accidents have been caused by user complacency. But Musk has also been cautious about adding a more sophisticated driver monitoring system in the past. It seems that it has finally relented.

It is not the first company to use this system

Tesla is not the first to monitor the driver with a car camera using eye-tracking systems. Ford and General Motors already do, although its driver assistance systems are not as sophisticated and autonomous as Tesla’s.

A Twitter user noticed that the new feature was enabled by a software update. “The cabin camera above the rear view mirror can now detect and alert to driver inattention while Autopilot is activated.the camera does not leave the car itself, which means that the system cannot save or transmit the information unless the data exchange is enabled, “said the user, also indicating that the steering wheel sensors were also active.

The new Model S and Model X cars have not yet started shipping, so changes have likely been made to them as well. However, keep in mind that the in-car camera was first introduced last year on the Model 3 and Model Y.