Tesla Roadster: is bringing a new prototype of the company’s sportier model

Tesla Roadster: is bringing a new prototype of the company's sportier model
tesla roadster: is bringing a new prototype of the company's

One of the Tesla cars looming on the horizon is the new generation of its Roadster, the two-seater sports car. This will be the fastest series-produced car in history, exceeding 400km / h, and it will undoubtedly also be the electric car with more autonomy. From the Tesla Model X and Model S we can expect in the best case a range of 610km.

This figure was advanced in the presentation of the vehicle, but as they say, from said to fact there is a long way. And in this case, we do not have all with us that this figure can be maintained, except Elon musk.

Now Tesla is testing a new prototype of the Roadster at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, before having a new candidate to launch later this summer.

Tesla is bringing a new prototype of the company’s sportier model

Tesla Roadster

After years of having the program on the shelves to focus on less expensive and higher volume vehicles, Tesla introduced the next generation of Tesla Roadster in 2017, and CEO Elon Musk said it would hit the market in 2020.

The vehicle program was subsequently delayed as the CEO said it wasn’t a priority for Tesla. The automaker focused on branching out to the Model 3 and Model Y. Later, Musk hinted that the Tesla Roadster would be delayed until 2022, as the automaker focuses on the Cybertruck.

He was often skeptical about confirming a new official launch date for the electric hypercar program, but confirmed earlier this year that engineering for the new Tesla Roadster will be completed this year in order to go into production in 2022. He even said that he hopes Tesla will have a new candidate to be driven by late summer.

Now we have learned that, just before that happens, the automaker is going to bring the Roadster prototype to a new public display. Tesla doesn’t put out the Roadster prototype often. It was last seen on Tesla’s “Battery Day” last September.

It will be for two weeks of exhibition

Now him Petersen Automotive Museum has announced that it will have the new Roadster prototype during two weeks from May 19:

“The Tesla Roadster arrives at the Petersen Automotive Museum for two weeks! Be one of the first to see the new Roadster alongside the original vehicle at this limited show. We will be open seven days a week, with the possibility of visiting it outside of opening hours to enjoy a more intimate experience. “

Tesla brought the prototype of the Cybertruck to the museum last year during the pandemic to aid in the reopening process. The blog dedicated to electric cars, Electrek, went and saw the prototype electric truck up close at the event, and we also enjoyed the rest of the museum.

If you want to go see the Roadster prototype, all you have to do is buy general access tickets to the Petersen Museum between May 19 and June 2.