Tesla autonomous driving: the subscription and the button to download it, closer

Interior of a Tesla Model 3.
tesla autonomous driving: the subscription and the button to download

Interior of a Tesla Model 3.

We all know that the next step in which Tesla works to have it finished when before is that function that Elon Musk has been boasting (with good reason) in recent times, and that is that of FSD (full self-driving), or driving. full autonomous, which it will allow all American vehicles to circulate with virtually no assistance from a human driver on any highway, road or track.

The problem is that all those tests and videos that we have seen, have been developed thanks to a small group of owners who have been the lucky ones in recent months to have installed the beta version of this FSD, as a way to prove in the field that the technology works, is efficient and, above all, safe. So the other users of the brand look with envy in an instant in which they too will be able to taste the honeys of that achievement.

Elon Musk teases when he will arrive

It has been through the means of communication that the Australian likes the most, Twitter, so we have learned that this FSD will be available very soon, both the famous “download” button and the subscription that Tesla is going to market with the aim that the owners of their cars have the latest of the latest without having to drop, at once, several thousand dollars.

Elon Musk on Twitter offering news.
Elon Musk on Twitter offering news. Twitter

Without limiting exactly when it will come that time to see the download button of the FSD in our cars, Elon musk let fall which could well be in May or June, although it seemed much more credible within the conversation that of “soon”. However, with the arrival of the subscription, it was somewhat more precise and set the time when it will be available for May, that is, in just two or three weeks.

In addition to those two big headlines, Elon Musk wanted to update us on how the work is going on what will be Tesla’s next milestone: the complete autonomous driving of its vehicles, stating that “the Tesla AI / Autopilot engineering is incredible! Making excellent progress in solving real-world AI”. Something that we have been able to verify through videos shared by the community in recent times and that demonstrate a great advance for a technology that remains to be seen how it will take, later, with the legislation of the different countries. In ours, the one that has to do with the European Union.