Telegram already has group video calls ready

telegram on blue background
telegram on blue background
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Telegram on blue background

The group video call It is a new function that Telegram could incorporate imminently, since it already appears in the beta version of the next update of its app.

Group video calls have become popular since confinement with platforms like Zoom

Popular instant messaging applications such as FaceTime or WhatsApp have been incorporating this type of video call for a long time, which were reluctant to appear on Telegram and which now included in beta version of the 7.8.0 update. In any case, we will have to wait for the official and definitive launch of the next update -possibly at the end of the month- of the app to know if it is finally incorporated into it.

These video calls would have a maximum limit of participants (as in WhatsApp, with a maximum of 8 participants although they can reach 50 using Facebook Rooms) and will be available to all users.

Other news coming to Telegram

Along with this novelty, of which it is unknown when it will be available, Telegram plans to add other new functions such as the possibility of broadcasting live video from voice chats, a video that can come from the camera or consist of capturing in streaming video of what appears on the screen. The formula to activate it will be as simple as add “#vid” to voice chat.

In voice chats, on the other hand, the Calls section will show a list of those that are active.

Other novelties are the chat backgrounds in gradient colors that change automatically in response to sending messages, as well as animated stickers and a slight redesign in the interface that relocates the search button to the Favorites section of the chat header.

Telegram and WhatsApp have been rivals for years, and even in recent months they have maintained a tough fight in their profiles on social networks, caused by the modification of the privacy policies adopted by WhatsApp in mid-May.