“Subway sandwiches and banchan. Two cultures colliding to make culinary magic: t…

“Subway sandwiches and banchan. Two cultures colliding to make culinary magic: this was the Korean American dream right here. KFC with kimchi was my all-time second favorite combo.” 💙

This was truly the perfect escape book right now! Loved this sweet story of Nate and Kate (omg how darling!). It’s such an appropriately cute YA romance with zombies and jobs and responsibilities. Brought me right back to applying for colleges and making sure all my high school activities looked good for my applications. The way Nate’s family is written is so relatable to me as a Korean-American. I felt like I knew what the household felt like except Nate’s mom is able to joke in English way better than my parents could! There’s a part about the family tree and how Nate has a hard time filling it out because he doesn’t know how to spell the names his parents are saying and there aren’t pictures or photos he can attach. My own kids had such a hard time with their family tree assignments in elementary school for that same reason – I am not kidding when I say I googled “old asian grandparents” on google image search to find several “different” looking “models” for my kids to draw in their great grandparents and great-great grandparents like the assignment asked for. Immigrating to another country in the 1970s, my parents did not have the luxury of bringing all the family photos with them. In Nate, I saw a Korean-American boy who was realistic and someone my own 14 year old son could relate to (if he wanted to pick up a YA romance!). There are some Korean American readers who didn’t love the representation in Eleanor and Park and maybe this book would interest those readers. Beyond the excellent representation, the romance was sweet and while kind of on a surface level, again I think it’s really appropriate for high school. Not everything has to be deep and full of angst. It’s nice to just have a sweet story where romance is budding and building. Kate’s perspective is also really well written and her journey in coping with grief/loss feels spot on. Check this one out – I inhaled it in 2 sittings! Starting suzannepark newest book, Loathe at First Sight today!!

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