Struum arrives, to enjoy content from small transmission platforms

struum 730x374.jpg
struum 730x374.jpg

Today we have an enormous diversity of content transmission platforms to watch on our television screens and on other devices. However, within that diversity there are many that we do not know since they are focused on specific audiences with highly specialized content, and therefore will not have the scope that platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney + currently have, among others.

So it’s Struum doesn’t want to become just another streaming platform, instead offering a content offering from the smallest video streaming platforms, giving the option for users to finally become a subscriber to any of them.

Struum offers its service under a subscription model of $ 4.99 per month, which will guide users to content according to their online preferences, similar to the recommendation rows available in the Netflix application.

Consuming content based on available credits

Subscribers will receive with their subscription a batch of 100 credits for the consumption of the contents, with the possibility of buying certain amounts of additional credits, and if they lean towards one or more specific platforms, they will be given the possibility of becoming direct subscribers to them.

This platform, which now open to the public and owned by former Disney and Discovery directors, it will share part of the income with its partners, although the distribution formula is unknown at the moment.

In the first moment, will offer content from 25 partners, including Tastemade, Tribeca, Cheddar News, Kocowa, and Dekkoo, among others, and by the end of summer it will be expanded with 50 more partners, including BBC SELECT, REVOLT, France Channels, InsightTV, Docubay, among others.

What’s more, at first it will be available via the web and through its application for iOS, although it will also be compatible with AirPlay and Chromecast technologies. Throughout this summer they are scheduled to expand to other platforms such as Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku.

There is no doubt that it is an interesting proposal, although it comes at a time where there is a certain saturation given the enormous number of existing services, where some of the big ones will now fight to remove the top positions from reference platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

At the moment it does not have any signs of an international vocation, although over time it will be seen if it will jump to international markets or will only stay in the United States.

Image Credit: Struum on the Apple App Store