SongTube, an app to enjoy YouTube with extra functions

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2021 05 29 15 17 39.jpg

YouTube is the place that contains the largest amount of videos and music that we can find on the internet. This makes it the main option for any of these activities, although there are alternatives for it that offer better experiences. However, the open source clients of this platform give very good results and therefore, we will present one to you to enjoy YouTube with extra functions.

Its name is SongTube, a client with a strong inclination to consume music from YouTube and features that will make you prefer it over other alternatives.

YouTube with extra functions on your Android

User demands regarding the YouTube experience were heard and responded to through YouTube Premium and YouTube Music. In this way, you need to be in the subscription service to enjoy options such as background playback or the ability to enjoy content offline. However, open source alternatives have the ability to bypass all restrictions, albeit at the cost of not being in the Google store. This is precisely the case with SongTube, a client that offers a YouTube experience with really interesting extra functions.

What are those extra features that this client offers? We could start with the simplest, the lack of ads. Being an open source option, its developers can avoid advertising in the videos and this greatly increases the level of the experience. Additionally, you can enjoy the content in the background, perfect for listening to music.

But in addition, SongTube offers the possibility of downloading the content of the platform. In that sense, you can not only download the videos, but only the audio, selecting different levels of quality. In addition, its download function also allows you to obtain complete playlists. As for its design, it looks really good, much better than its open source counterparts.

SongTube is a great alternative to enjoy YouTube with extra functions, totally free. If you usually listen to music from the platform, this app will come in handy.

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