Solve equations from the browser

resolver ecuaciones desde el navegador 730x487.jpg
resolver ecuaciones desde el navegador 730x487.jpg

Although mathematics has been the headache for many students for years, over time technology has contributed to facilitate the experience with this subject, through the creation of different tools with which to solve equations and formulas in a few seconds.

The most recent addition to this group has come from Microsoft with Math Solver, a tool with which you can have the opportunity to solve mathematical problems, all from the browser.

As you read it, as of version 91 of Microsoft Edge, Math Solver will be integrated by default, although you can also have the opportunity to download it independently through Google Play and App Store

However, it will not be necessary to wait for this integration to occur, as Math Solver is available in the beta version of Microsoft Edge.

The first thing you should do is download the Microsoft Edge beta. It should be noted that if you already have a stable version of Microsoft installed on your computer, it will not be necessary to remove it in order to install this beta version. Both can coexist in the same system without problems.

After completing the Microsoft Edge beta installation, the next thing you should do is open the document or the web where you have the math problems to solve.

Then, click on the 3-point icon located in the upper right, select the option More tools and finally click on Math Solver or Mathematical Solver, depending on the language in which you have the browser installed.

Then, a side panel will be displayed where you can write the mathematical problem or take a screenshot of it. Once Math Solver finishes solving the problem, the result will be displayed on the screen, accompanied by the steps to follow in a numbered way, as well as a brief explanation in text.