Social Welfare: Thousands of Pandemic Unemployment Pay Recipients Receive Surprise Bonus This Week

The Department of Social Protection has confirmed that 9,000 people received a delay in paying their pandemic unemployment payment (PUP) on Tuesday.

In total, this week’s payment of the money owed amounts to more than 3.7 million euros.

Of these 9,000 people, approximately 2,000 are no longer receiving PUPs and late payments have already been issued to designated financial institutions.

The Department of Social Protection made weekly payments worth more than 102 million euros to 333,993 people who received the PUP.

This represents a decrease of 29,174 people compared to last week.

These figures are in addition to the 177,969 people who were on the Live Register at the end of April.

Speaking on the latest figures, Social Protection Minister Heather Humphreys said: “Over the last fortnight, the number of people who received pandemic unemployment pay has dropped by about 50,000.

“The figures that I am releasing today include the highest number of people who closed their claim in a single week since the year began. We are also seeing reductions in the number of people receiving the PUP in all counties and in all occupations.

“These are all really positive signs and reflect the impact of sectors like the retail reopening in its entirety.”

In other places, people who are returning to work are reminded to close their claim for Pandemic Unemployment Pay on the actual date they return to work.

This reminder has been issued to ensure that claims are processed correctly and to avoid incurring an overpayment that the Department will take steps to recover.

On a positive note, the past seven days saw 25,824 people close their PUP claim stating that they were doing so because they were returning to work.

Via | Dublin live