So you can tell anything from a photo

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2021 05 29 14 42 13.jpg

There is something that humans have done since the beginning of time and for which we have always needed and sought support: counting. When we have many elements to count, the matter becomes complicated and we need to rely on tools that help us streamline the process or count for us. In that sense, we will present an application capable of counting anything from a photo.

Its name is CountThings From Photo and as we mentioned before, it will streamline any count with just one image.

Do you need to count anything? Make it from a photo

Counting a large number of items is a process that can be complicated. In addition, these types of tasks require a lot of precision, which is why we always rely on technology for these purposes. However, the services to do these tasks at an industrial or business level are usually extremely expensive and generally not very accessible. That is why CountThings From Photo represents a great alternative to count. How accessible a mobile application is make it a perfect option for any user who needs to tell anything, being able to do it from a photo.

The application is available for free and you will be able to carry out a few counts at no cost. However, its operation is based on templates, for example, if you need to count stacked wooden logs, there is a template that fits it. This is where your business model is concentrated, in this way, if you need to tell something very specific, you will have to buy a template.

However, from the free service we can count simple elements such as screws and tubes. The process to count anything from a photo is as simple as opening the app and selecting a counting template. Then, it will ask you for a photo, take it from the camera or select it from the gallery. After a few seconds the image will be processed and you will have all the elements marked with a number.

In this way, you can streamline any count in a very simple way, through a photo.

To prove it, follow this link.