So you can open WhatsApp on two different cell phones both on iOS and Android


In recent months there has been speculation about the possibility of a multi-device mode in WhatsApp, it means that the application has the ability to close and log in to the iOS and Android operating systems; however, this feature is not yet available and would be ready in the future, according to WABEtainfo. In this note we will teach you a simple trick to use this platform on two different cell phones thanks to WhatsApp Web.

It should be noted that to perform this function and that WhatsApp operate synchronously with the other cell phone, both computers must have an internet connection and be close, otherwise it will not work.

  • What we will do is open the application in its web version; first we go to Google on the cell phone where we want to open the app.
  • In the upper right corner there will be three vertical points, we press them and go to the “Computer View” option.
  • Now, we write in the WhatsApp Web search engine or we go to the following link and a QR code will appear.
  • We open WhatsApp On the cell phone where we already have the application working, we go to the three points on the far right of the app and choose “WhatsApp Web”, then we press “Link a device” and scan the QR code of the other cell phone.
  • Ready, now you have the same account on two mobile devices.

It is necessary to emphasize that you cannot have two accounts of WhatsApp Web open, it means that when entering a secondary smartphone the computer session will be closed automatically.

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