SmartTag +: Samsung wants you to find your objects thanks to augmented reality

SmartTag +: Samsung wants you to find your objects thanks to augmented reality
smarttag +: samsung wants you to find your objects thanks

This is going to be the year of these stickers, or smart labels that are capable of adhering to an object and keeping it located permanently, which makes it easier that when we want to know where it is, we simply have to approach the area indicated by an application and ask it to play a sound. But Samsung, which already launched its SmartTags last January, wants more, before Apple does the same with its (rumored) AirTags.

That plus has to do with an improved model of those smart devices that will not only be able to let us know where they are when we approach them, but also they will be able to send their exact location with greater precision, which will allow the official application to use augmented reality and indicate with a very high percentage of success, what is your specific situation.

Augmented reality to the rescue of SmartTag +

It is necessary to warn that We are not talking about the same SmartTags that hit the market last January, along with the new Samsung Galaxy S21. In this case, it is a significantly improved version that is capable of using augmented reality (AR) technology to offer more information to the user, as you can see from the opening image where you can see the operation of that official app.

New SmartTag + from Samsung. Samsung

This difference in operation between normal SmartTags and these SmartTag + lies in the presence of the so-called “ultra-wide band” (UWB), which is able to communicate with a smartphone that has this technology to indicate the distance in real time to which you are. According to Samsung’s Executive Vice President and Director of Mobile R&D, KJ Kim, “UWB is a true game changer, allowing you to fix the position of an object with much greater precision […] That is why we continue to expand UWB throughout the Galaxy ecosystem. ”

Unfortunately, those UWB-compatible mobiles are not very many today. The Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy S21 Ultra do allow this interaction when locating objects. The application that is in charge of locating the object is called AR Finder and it is the one that tells us where we should go to find this SmartTag + which, by the way, will go on sale starting next April 16 at a price that, in the US, it will be around 40 dollars (about 33 euros).