Slack begins allowing message delivery scheduling

slack 730x443.jpg
slack 730x443.jpg

Slack, the popular communication and collaboration platform for businesses and other types of organizations, is making its debut. Precisely, all the users of this platform will be able, from today (as it is implemented to all users), schedule the sending of messages up to 120 days in advance, available for both channels and threads and for direct messages.

On the desktop, users will find a drop-down arrow next to the green send message button, while in the Android and iOS apps they will have to long press the send button. In either case, they can choose from a series of predetermined options, or manually select the exact time of delivery.

A simple feature that took a long time to arrive

It is, at least, a function that is quite necessary in the current era, and it was already taking a long time to reach Slack, being a simple function that should not have been complex to implement.

In this regard, other communication platforms have long carried a similar function, such as Google’s Gmail email service.

It is interesting to know that during the time interval, users may also be able to change the send date, change the message, or delete it completely before the time of its established delivery arrives.

Slack is within a space in which, like others, competition is also growing, although this has not prevented Slack from continuing to maintain the privileged position it has enjoyed for some time.

Perhaps Slack took advantage of this moment to launch with the rise of the hybrid and decentralized work model, addressing the needs of those organizations that have workers and members in different time zones.

In any case, it is a feature that, despite its delay, will be welcomed by many companies and organizations.

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