Schmooz, an app to find a partner through memes

schmooze app
schmooze app
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Schmooze App

The Schmooze app proposes a new way to find a partner: through memes. Under the motto “Swipe memes, not people”, this dating app is available for iOS and Android.

The popular memes are, according to the theories of cultural diffusion, a unit of information transmission

The app proposes a new way of connecting between those who are looking for a partner through laughter, looking for love through a sense of humor, since the mechanics is based on showing the memes that interest the user according to their preferences, and through them discard or establish communication with the user whose memes are attractive.

The creator of Schmooze, Vidya Madhavan obtained her engineering degree in India to later go to Stanford Business School, and it was while there that she got the idea of ​​this application that combines memes and artificial intelligence through what Madhavan denominates “The algorithm of humor”.

The neologism “meme”, coined by the biologist and ethologist Richard Dawkins, corresponds to the unit of information transmission according to the theories of cultural diffusion. Is about a piece of information (a phrase, an image …) capable of being transmitted and of containing a recognizable meaning, which can be accepted as a cultural context by a more or less broad group of communicators.

Application to flirt with memes

But just as a tool as powerful as the Internet can be reduced to the absurd by stating that “it only serves to watch videos of kittens”, in the case of memes the most widespread notion of them is reduced to the almost infinite images with some superimposed text or Animated GIFs that they recontextualize situations to become an expression of emotions, almost always with a fun or humorous mood, with which millions of people spice up their comments on social networks or messages on instant messaging platforms. Hence even the popularization of websites and apps to create self-made memes.

These reasons led Madhavan to think about how to use this way of communicating emotions and feelings as a means through which to come into contact with someone through the humor resulting from sharing memes, given the affinity of tuning in with another person through a sense of humor.

Schmooze has a base with more than 5,000 memes, carefully selected in a constantly growing catalog that increases at the rate of 200 new additions daily. Through their labeling, the preferences expressed by users in the bios of their profiles and the work of machine learning, the app shows users the selection of memes that best suits their interests and allows them to establish contact with those others. users with whom there is the greatest agreement in terms of affinity when selecting memes, which appear in an «accept / reject» carousel similar to user profiles in Tinder-style apps.

The creator of Schmooze claims that her “humor algorithm” has already achieved more than 90,000 matches since the app has been available last summer. It is still an interesting option for those who have already passed Tinder and want to find other different dating apps.