Sánchez speaks of “an unprecedented crisis between the EU and Morocco” for Ceuta

The Prime Minister appreciates the “strong and firm” support from Brussels and calls on Rabat to respect the borders.

The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, has assured this Monday in Brussels that the “massive arrival” of migrants to Ceuta last week has triggered an “unprecedented crisis between the European Union and Morocco.” Sánchez thanks the community institutions and the rest of the partners for their support “firm and forceful“during the crisis and demands from the Government of Rabat” respect “for the borders.

The Heads of State and Government of the 27 have planned briefly address the immigration issue during the summit which has just started in the Belgian capital. This is the first face-to-face meeting of European leaders since December last year. He is the Italian Prime Minister, Mario draghi, who has asked that this issue be included on the agenda and Sánchez will also intervene to support him, according to diplomatic sources.

“Ceuta suffered a massive arrival of migrants from Morocco and this has triggered an unprecedented crisis in recent years between the EU and Morocco,” said the Prime Minister in a brief statement before the cameras upon his arrival at the European Council.

Sánchez has celebrated “solidarity and the forceful and firm response of all the European institutions“with Spain against Rabat. At the same time, the President of the Government recalled that our country is the main supporter of Morocco before the EU when, for example, negotiating development aid.” Always remind Morocco that there is no better nor greater ally within the EU than Spain “, he insisted.

“We want to have a relationship that is as constructive as possible, but it has to be based on two main axes,” Sánchez warned. “The first, trust; and the second, respect and in this case respect for the borders of Europe, the Spanish borders of Ceuta and Melilla for the Moroccan country, “says the Prime Minister.

Covid passport

Regarding the rest of the issues on the agenda of the European Council, Sánchez highlighted the “slowdown and fall in the number of infections and the accumulated incidence” of Covid-19 in Spain, as well as the “good data” on vaccination. “Vaccination in Spain is meeting the objectives set. We are going to achieve that before the end of the summer we can have that group immunity, that is, 70% of the Spanish population vaccinated, “he said.

The President of the Government has also congratulated himself on the agreement in the EU on the Covid passport, which he said will begin to be operational from June and will allow “incentivizing European mobility and consequently the power to have a completely different summer season than the one we had last year“.

Finally, Sánchez has called “absolutely unacceptable” the hijacking by Belarus of the Ryanair plane that was traveling between Athens and Vilna to arrest a dissident journalist and has demanded his immediate release. Spain will support strengthening EU sanctions against Aleksandr Lukashenko’s regime.