Samsung Trade in: so you can leave your smartphone as part of payment


In much of Latin America Samsung implemented your service Trade in and now it comes to Peru, the same that will allow you to leave your old device and cover part of the payment of your next cell phone. How does it work? Should I bring the ballot? Does it apply to any cell phone? Here we tell you.

Although at the moment it only applies to acquire the devices of the series Galaxy S, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Z, there are certain details that you should take into consideration before taking your device.

For example, your terminal will have to go through an evaluation process. To do this, the cell phone must turn on and off smoothly, as well as receive a signal: voice, data, Wi-Fi. In the same way, it will be certified that the USB port, the touch screen and audio must work, as well as the camera and sensors.

On the other hand, according to the conditions read in the program Trade in by Samsung, it is specified that the Samsung terminal or another brand must have a battery in good condition, in the same way the screen must not have a pixelated, stained, burned or pink LCD. They will also make sure there are no cracks or scratches.

In case you have a Note or Galaxy Above, the cell phone to be left must have a Sim Card connector, memory or complete optical pen and in perfect working order. At the level of buttons, these must be present and functional, Home Button in perfect cosmetic and functional condition.

According to the company, the cell phones they collect will also be part of the recycling they are applying in order to prevent the parts of the devices from polluting the environment.


First of all, to be able to redeem the voucher you must go to the SES of Samsung closest with your identity document, be it DNI or Alien Card, so that a specialized advisor can perform the appraisal of your current mobile.

It is not necessary to have the ticket, much less will you have to show if your cell phone has been bought in Peru or abroad. Once you deliver your used equipment, an SES sales consultant will perform a physical and technical evaluation of the cell phone to determine the final value of your discount voucher.

In this way the price of your new smartphone will be less.  (Photo: Samsung)
In this way the price of your new smartphone will be less. (Photo: Samsung)

If you agree with the evaluation and the result, the renewal will be carried out by the new equipment you have chosen. To make the payment, your discount voucher will be used to reduce the sale price of the new phone.

After the purchase process, you will have the option to transfer all the information from your old phone to the new one before it is permanently deleted.

NOTE: Samsung mentions that the bonus is not cumulative for the number of cell phones you can carry.