Samsung announces its new “Smart Monitor”, a PC screen that is very similar to a television

Samsung announces its new
samsung announces its new "smart monitor", a pc screen that

In recent years, the trend has been towards very large computer screens. Manufacturers such as Acer, Philips, Alienware or Samsung have launched PC monitors that reach 55 inches. The latter has also decided to diversify its range of smart monitors, as announced by Samsung.

Up to now, Samsung it only proposed a diagonal for its Smart Monitor M7 launched last year with a f32 inch format. However, the Korean firm will propose two additional formats for fans of large screens or for fans of more traditional screens for a computer. Thus, two new models were presented by the manufacturer, the 43-inch Samsung M7 4K Smart Monitor, 24-inch Samsung M5 1080p Smart Monitor. This completes the already available 27 “and 32” M5 models, but is now also offered in white.

Still craning over that laptop to get your work done? Heh, we remember that. 😅 The do-it-all Smart Monitor lets you work, play and more from one 4K screen. Make the smart move:

– Samsung US (@SamsungUS) May 21, 2021

The latest additions to Samsung’s smart monitor series include:

Smart Monitor M7 43 “(Model: M70A)

What flagship model, the Smart Monitor M7 is now presented in a size larger than 43 inches that maximizes productivity and enhances entertainment, wrapped in a borderless design that offers an immersive experience whether working, learning or playing. With an ultra high definition (UHD) screen 4K, you can seamlessly switch functionality from a reliable work device to an instant 4K entertainment center with built-in content streaming apps, speakers, and capabilities HDR10 to optimize every detail.

M5 27 “& 32” Smart Monitor Blank (Model: M50A)

The popular M5 model now comes in a sleek, sleek white design for its 27-inch and 32-inch models. New color perfectly matches inspirational designs minimalist and adds a finishing touch to any interior aesthetic, making it ideal to complement the home of a design conscious user.

Smart Monitor M5 24 “(Model: M50A)

The M5 range is now also featured in a new 24-inch Full HD format, making it the Smart Monitor more accessible in terms of size and price. The compact size of the Smart Monitor makes it ideal for those who do not have desk space for a larger monitor or for customers simply looking for a multi-functional monitor at a good price.

Other features

The screens even come with a Bixby-compatible controller to navigate the software interface. Finally, it is also possible to bring the Samsung smartphone closer to the screen so that it can transfer video content that can be transmitted to the monitor.

In fact, there are features heavily inspired by Samsung TVs, right down to the lack of a socket. DisplayPort. However, the main difference between this type of screen and a real television is the television tuner. The screens Samsung Smart Monitor have no tuner.

Price and availability

At the moment, Samsung has not announced the price of its new monitors. Recall however that the 32-inch Smart Monitor M7 is proposed at a price of 399 euros.