Ryuger Eidolon BR-RTS, the carbon fiber bike turned into art

Ryuger Eidolon BR-RTS, the carbon fiber bike turned into art
ryuger eidolon br rts, the carbon fiber bike turned into art

Electric bicycles have practically become the standard right now and there is no user who is going to buy a new one to do sports who does not consider the possibility of having some other pedaling aid. For those moments when, or we don’t really want to be like Induráin, or the terrain gets especially rough.

Be that as it may, in the heat of that electric revolution we are seeing more surprising models, and this Eidolon BR-RTS by Ryuger is one of them. Above all for the quality of its components and for the extraordinary design that it has and that makes it look incredibly beautiful. As always, it’s a matter of taste, but in this case both the artistic and technical sections seem to go hand in hand.

Lightweight and already in production

It was the company itself that has shared on their social profiles the news that this Eidolon BR-RTS has started its production, for all those users who supported it during its crowdfunding campaign. Thus, this electric bicycle will hit the market with a body made entirely of carbon fiber, which makes it particularly resistant and light at the same time.

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This model will arrive with an engine Shimano Steps E8000 250W limited to a top speed of 25 km / h. Remember that in the case of Europe, this is the maximum that manufacturers can put up for sale, although in some cases those engines are prepared to offer better numbers. As we say, its body is completely made of carbon fiber and it has a seat that is adjustable in height and inclination.

The wheels, both the front and the rear, are Maxxis Hookworm 29×2.5, the bike has a screen on the handlebar, also made by Simano, which indicates the speed at which we are circulating, the state of the battery and the speed we are driving, with indications in the event that the bike is giving us a hand when pedaling (we have up to three modes). It’s more, the whole body of the Eidolon BR-RTS is shielded against liquids to avoid damage to its electrical components, so we can wet it without fear of causing damage. Finally, the battery is also from the Simano brand and has a power of 504Wh. Finally, we can purchase an accessory that fixes a bottle to carry water anchored to the seat. As we say, it is already in production and will soon begin to reach its buyers.