Review Google Nest Hub 2: this screen keeps an eye on your sleep

review google nest hub 2
review google nest hub 2

The Google Nest Hub smart screen has been updated. The second generation has a slightly better sound, a subtly different design, but above all the ability to track your sleep. Rutger Middendorp tried.

Of all the smart home devices in my house, the Google Nest Hub is  certainly in the top 5. It has a photo frame, an alarm clock, a screen for when the doorbell rings and a remote control for lighting and heating in the house. I have to admit that I now have three at home. One for the kitchen (a must because of the different kitchen timers that you can set at the same time), one in the bedroom as a clock radio and one in the workplace.

But now there is a fourth Nest Hub in the house and that is one of the second generation. And that is indistinguishable from the original for a layman. The only subtle detail that is different is the edge of the screen. But under the hood a few things have changed. Like the most recent Google Nest Mini , the sound has been audibly improved.

Measure sleep

But the biggest change is the addition of sleep tracking. Below the screen is a kind of radar technology that can see how much you move and combined with listening to your sounds, it knows whether you are asleep or not. There is still no camera in the Nest Hub, so your tapes will not be secretly sold by rogue Google employees, but you will be watched in your bed.


Every morning you can see how long you slept, how often you were awake and how much you snored. I didn’t know I was snoring, by the way.

In the presentation we got about the possibilities, it was said that it can solve sleeping problems, but at the moment I think the information is still fairly flat. Because if I sleep too short, I have to go to bed earlier. If I snore a lot I have to, um … something. By the way, the service is free until the end of the year and will probably become a subscription after that.

If you also install Google Fit on your smartphone, it combines all kinds of information about your sleep and your movement during the day, so you can see how you can stay healthy. But in my case, that was more about exercise than sleep.

But slightly better than predecessor

The new Hub is just as expensive as the old one, so you don’t have to go with the old one if you don’t put it next to your bed.

The Google Nest Hub 2nd generation is slightly better than its predecessor. The improvement of the sound is really a boost. The gesture control works just too vague for me.

The big change in sleep tracking seems like a game changer for few customers. The Google Nest Hub therefore remains a must. But not necessarily because of its improvements.