Reface already allows you to add your face to any GIF

app reface
app reface
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App Reface

The Reface app, used to put the user’s face in famous movie clips, for example, has just added a new option that allows users to add your own animated GIFs and images in which the faces of those who appear in them are replaced by selfies or photographs of other people’s faces.

A simple selfie is used to replace the image of the face that appears in an animated GIF

It’s about the function Swap Animation, and allows users to upload images of sculptures, portraits or photographs of themselves or other people to the app so that Reface converts them into animated images that appear to speak, sing, etc. thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, in addition to adding your usual selection of proposals.

Just select an image from the gallery or take a selfie and then choose what kind of animation do you want to apply of those proposed by Reface and in a few seconds the result is obtained, which can be shared on social networks or instant messaging platforms.

The popularization of artificial intelligence has recently facilitated deep fake, videos in which the face and the corresponding movements of another person are applied to the face that appears in a pre-existing video, thus being able to change one face for another to falsify movements, gestures and even speech of the original video with a completely authentic appearance. Something so susceptible to falsifying reality that Facebook banned the publication of this type of videos before the 2021 US presidential elections.

Reface broke in offering an even easier possibility by discarding the videos and focusing on something faster and easier, becoming one of the most popular to replace faces in animated GIFs, although until now it had the limitation that users had to stick to GIFs supplied from the app itself.

Originally Reface was presented under the name of Doublicat, facilitating the replacement of the user’s face by that of the protagonist of animated GIFs in just five seconds just by taking a selfie and adding it to the app. Every day Reface adds a catalog with new GIFs with which to make fun montages.

Reface is available in the iOS and Android app stores, and it’s free, although it offers in-app purchases.