Qualcomm has new ARM chips, but these models are a long way from messing up Apple’s M1s

Qualcomm has new ARM chips, but these models are a long way from messing up Apple's M1s
qualcomm has new arm chips, but these models are a

Qualcomm has new ARM chips, but these models are a long way from messing up Apple's M1s

Qualcomm’s commitment to the ARM chip-based notebook segment is growing. He does it with the new ones Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 Compute Platform, 8nm Socs aimed at entry-level laptops and Chromebooks.

We will therefore find these chips in modest and affordable equipment, and according to Qualcomm the objective with them is offer remarkable battery life and remarkable image processing for video conferencing. Their performance is discreet, and these are certainly not the SoCs that will put Apple’s M1s into trouble.

A modest chip but promising in efficiency

The main processor is the Qualcomm Kryo 468 with eight cores and clock frequencies that reach 2.55 GHz. Efficiency is the key according to the manufacturer who claims that it is up to 60% more efficient than Intel’s Celeron N4020 having a similar potency.


Qualcomm’s SoC range for laptops consists of the ambitious 8cx, the also remarkable 8c and the more modest 7c that are now renewed.

The teams that integrate it will also be able to take advantage of its four 4,266 MHz LPDDR4x memory channels. Adreno GPU supports QHD displays (2,560 x 1,440 pixels at 60 Hz), something that again shows that we are here before a more restrained SoC that does not support 4K screens.

The new Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 stands out especially for the integration of the ISP (Image Signal Processing) Qualcomm Spectra 255, an element that according to the manufacturer will allow enjoy video conferencing with outstanding image quality .

This is contributed by the 14-bit processing supported on the chip and the support of the technology Qualcomm Aqstic that allows audio processing for the elimination of noise in video conferencing so that the transmission of the voice is optimal.

These chips also have support for Wi-Fi 5 networks and for 4G / LTE mobile networks (through the Snapdragon X15 LTE modem), thus allowing the user to switch between one and the other according to needs.


This is the new Developer Kit for Windows 10 developers for ARM who want to work on applications on this platform.

Qualcomm’s new chip will appear in laptops based on both Windows 10 for ARM and Chrome OS-based Chromebooks, but we can also find it in a new developer kit in summer 2021.