Poparazzi, the new social network for you to become the paparazzi of your friends

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2021 05 26 11 57 59.jpg

Before the advent of social networks, the paparazzi were very important figures in the world of entertainment. His job was basically to chase celebrities and take pictures of them that would later be published. In that sense, at a time when most platforms are based on uploading our photos, a new social network based on unfiltered photos of our friends arrives.

His name is Poparazzi and as his name might suggest, the idea is that you become the paparazzi of your friends, to feed your profile.

The new social network to upload photos without filter

If we take a quick look at the most famous social networks, it is clear that uploading photos of ourselves is part of the dynamic. Although the Instagram or Facebook profiles tend to be different for each user, we will always find photos of the account owner. Likewise, these social networks have fueled the need to apply filters and effects to images, which is why sometimes we do not conceive photos without a filter. So, above all this, Poparazzi comes to offer a completely different modality.

You can continue taking photographs and filling your profile with images, but the idea is that they be of your friends and environment. To make it possible, the application does not allow taking photos from the front camera, so when activating the camera, everything will be ready to take a photo of someone else. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this new social network are the photos without a filter, just like a paparazzi would.

But it does not mean that we cannot appear in the photos. The platform shows in the main view the photos we take to others, while those in which we appear are taken to a secondary view. Other fundamental characteristics of the application is that we cannot comment on the photos, nor see the number of people’s followers. However, the number of visits the image has will remain visible.

Poparazzi is becoming very popular in the United States, with a large number of downloads on the AppStore. There is no official version for Android yet, but the creators indicate that they are working on it.

To get Poparazzi, follow this link.