“One of the agents brought the girls a bag of Skittles, but even then they could…

“One of the agents brought the girls a bag of Skittles, but even then they couldn’t smile, they couldn’t say thank you, they just stood there, looking at the candy with horror.” 💙

There’s been a lot of talk about American Dirt recently and one of the books I’ve seen mentioned during that discussion is this one ..I struggled with this book that I read with my college alumni book club last month. This didn’t feel like a book that was shedding light on some issues through a compassionate lens. This made me wonder – why did the author participate in border patrol?? 4 years no less.. I guess I didn’t buy in to the naivete in this book. I think being part Mexican himself, there would have been ample opportunities or access to do a deeper dive into immigration/border issues than becoming part of a hurtful system. And the fact that he tried to help ONE family by gathering documents felt like a weak penance to me. I will say on a positive note, it did show more of a rounded perspective on both border patrol agents as well as immigrants. It is a complex issue and very timely in our current political climate but there are always multiple perspectives to consider in any issue and this did give both sides a voice. I would recommend “Enrique’s Journey as a great journalistic work on migration, border issues and the lives that are impacted by it . It was a series in the LA Times that I read when it was being printed but it was compiled into a book. Some say it feels choppy but I think it may be because they were newspaper articles to begin with. 💙

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  1. Interesting. I have only read part of American Dirt and I had hoped it would offer perspective on the experiences of a broad group of Mexican and Central American immigrants, but I feel the main character has resources, connections and privileges that not a lot of other people have.

  2. So when I first read this back in 2018 I was like oooh what a perspective ok interesting. But in discussions with a couple of other ppl here and lots of thinking/reading I realized how problematic it was for this dude to essentially join the BORDER PATROL just to write a book. Way to profit off of the trauma and deaths of a huge group of marginalized ppl so you could get some backpats bruh. Also his stupid mustache 🙄

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