Now you can play Spotify music offline from your Apple Watch

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2021 05 23 14 38 43.jpg

The Spotify team has had a lot of activity in recent months, bringing a good amount of news to your service. Previously we saw the incorporation of search filters, great for making queries much more refined. But the one that we will show you today is really interesting, because it will allow you to play Spotify music offline from Apple Watch.

This is an excellent possibility that frees us from carrying the smartphone everywhere, allowing us to listen to music quietly from the Apple Watch.

So you can play Spotify music offline on your Apple Watch

Previously, if you wanted to listen to Spotify music on your Apple Watch, you had to be connected to a WiFi network or a mobile network if it was available. In that sense, we only had the way to listen to music offline from the smartphone, which forced us to take it with us in activities as simple as going out to exercise, for example. However, this new open possibility greatly improves the experience by allowing you to listen to Spotify music offline from the Apple Watch.

The feature will be available to all users, however its rollout has started today for Premium users.

To begin this process, go to the playlist, podcast, or music that you want to bring to your Apple Watch. Then, touch the icon with the 3 dots and in the menu that appears you will see “Download to Apple Watch” or “Download to Apple Watch”. The progress of the download can be reviewed from the downloads of the Apple Watch itself and when finished, they will be shown next to a green arrow.

Then all you have to do is connect your headphones and start playing Spotify music offline from your Apple Watch. This way, you won’t have to depend on your smartphone to listen to music or podcasts in certain situations.