Now Android will notify us on speaker who calls us after new Google Phone update


Google updated its phone call application “Google Phone”, which allows us to connect safely with family and friends; It also has the ability to detect numbers that have been reported for scam before answering the call. Now, this application launches a new function that will make our lives easier, as it consists of naming the person who is dialing us out loud.

On many occasions we cannot answer calls because we are very busy, especially when the cell phone is out of reach and suddenly they dial us but we do not know who it is. The referred application of Google is the solution to this problem, despite the benefits mentioned above, it tells us who is calling us and according to the degree of importance we could answer.

It’s about the function Caller ID Annuncement and offers us this service whether or not we are using the hearing aids. Normally when we have them we carry the mobile equipment in our pockets and we do not know who is calling us. To activate this tool you must download the app at Google play and go to the settings to activate the speaker or headset function.

It should be noted that this tool is already available on phones AndroidUnfortunately, not all devices can use it and some of its functions are suitable for certain countries. If the application does not appear on Google Play, your cell phone is not compatible.


  • It has a visual voice mail: the application transcribes a part of the voice message that was sent to you.
  • Caller ID: It tells us if any number is from a company.
  • You can change the application to dark mode, save battery and avoid eyestrain.