Northern Ireland’s chief minister resigns: internal rebellion and tension over ‘Brexit’

Its fall has been caused by the rebellion of a score of deputies and national parliamentarians of the Democratic Unionist Party.

The minister principal Northern Irish, the unionist Arlene Foster, announced this Wednesday that he will resign as leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) on May 28 due to a revolt internal dissatisfied with his management of the brexit.

Foster also announced this Wednesday that he will leave his position at the head of the autonomous Executive of Belfast, of power shared between Protestant-Unionists and Catholic-Nationalists.

“It is important to give space to party officials to organize a process to elect the leader in the coming weeks,” the chief minister said in a statement.

Foster, who took over the reins of the DUP in 2015, becoming the first female leader of the formation, assured in the note that serving the people of North Ireland it has been the “greatest privilege” of his life.

Internal rebellion

His downfall has been caused by the rebellion of a score of regional deputies and four national parliamentarians of the DUP, majority in Northern Ireland, who signed a motion of no confidence against their leader.

Likewise, another group of DUP councilors had sent another letter to the party leadership to show “deeply concerned” about the management of Foster and his number two, Nigel Dodds, who is also asked to resign from his post.

Among the reasons for the dissatisfaction of the Protestant-unionist community with the leadership of Foster stands out the issue of the Northern Irish protocol, included in the agreement of the brexit to keep the border between the two open Irishkey to their highly interconnected economies and to the peace process.

In return, this mechanism imposes border trade controls between Northern Ireland, which is part of the Community single market, and the rest of the Kingdom United, which is perceived as a threat to territorial integrity by unionists.

This new bureaucracy has also caused supply problems of certain products and has accentuated the malaise of the most radical sectors of Northern Irish Protestants loyal to the Crown british, which has led to clashes with the Police and the nationalist-Catholic community, in favor of the reunification of Ireland.

Besides of brexit, a large sector of the DUP, the most ultra-conservative and religious, accuses Foster of making concessions regarding the law of abortion or in matters of community rights LGTBI.