New version of the Inkscape vector graphics editor arrives with various new features

inkscape 730x381.jpg
inkscape 730x381.jpg

Within the segment of open source applications, for desktop systems, there are a number of applications that are well known and highly recommended by enthusiasts of open source applications and systems.

One of them in Inkscape, an application specialized in the editing of vector graphics, a role similar to that of the well-known commercial and closed-source applications such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw, among others.

Inkscape now brings a new version with various and interesting new features, arriving a year after the long-awaited version 1.0 that brought so many joys after 16 years of long waiting on the part of the most enthusiastic users of it.

Reaching maturity over time

– According to the list of new features, first of all is the renewal of the welcome screen, which now offers three options: quick configuration of a series of elements, links where to enter to contribute to the project, and for the configuration of the document where it goes to work.

– There is also a Commands Palette that will appear after pressing the key ? and that allows the search and use of many functions without the need for keyboard shortcuts or use of the menus.

– With the Node tool it is now possible to copy, cut and paste parts of paths.

– The dialog box docking system has been rewritten, solving many of the problems with docked dialog boxes and also allows you to dock dialog boxes on both sides of the screen.

– The new Outline Overlay mode has arrived with which it is possible to visualize the contours of the objects at the same time that it shows their real colors.

– The new search field has arrived that facilitates access to the preferences options.

– No need to click option anymore To export in the Export PNG dialog as it will occur when clicking Keep in the file selection dialog.

– There is support for direct export in JPG, TIFF, optimized PNG and WebP formats directly in the application.

– When pasting a copied object, Inkscape now pastes it directly onto the selected object by default.

– And finally, and in beta phase, comes the Extension Manager, to update extensions and install additional extensions.

Those interested can now update, or install for the first time, to the new version of Inkscape, available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Image Credit: Inkscape