New Realme Buds Q2, Bluetooth headphones with up to 20 hours of autonomy

New Realme Buds Q2, Bluetooth headphones with up to 20 hours of autonomy
new realme buds q2, bluetooth headphones with up to 20

The Bluetooth headset segment has become the new “golden egg goose” of the consumer electronics industry. There are dozens of manufacturers that offer their own models, in a market that has definitely exploded in recent years, since the arrival of the AirPods. And the Asian firm Realme, which is the one that has sold the most devices in the world in less time, has launched new headphones to consolidate itself in that market, where it already has several models. It’s about the new Realme Buds Q2, which offer us a relationship of benefits and price.

Features of the Realme Buds Q2

It is the second generation of the Realme Buds Q, and as such they offer us some interesting improvements. They are headphones similar in characteristics to their predecessors, although with a more attractive design, with unique finishes. Very light headphones, which they only weigh 4.1 grams for each earbud, and therefore we will not even find out what we have on us. Its sound is powerful and clear at the same time, thanks to the 10mm driver with which they have, which offer us powerful and important bass thanks also to the built-in Bass Boost + technology. One of the great improvements that these headphones offer is the latency.

Realme Buds Q2 in blue color Realme

This now is a lot shorter, only 88ms, so we ensure a sound that will arrive practically instantly, from which it will be almost impossible to appreciate any delay, this is something especially important when we watch video content or play games. They have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, the most modern technology, which offers us stable and quality connections at a distance of up to 10 meters. They are resistant headphones, since we can do sports with them thanks to the fact that they have IPX4 certification, so it can perfectly resist our sweat or water splashes.

Realme Buds Q2 in black Realme

Undoubtedly one of the strengths of these headphones is autonomy. Since this is 5 hours with the battery built into the headphones. But it goes off until 20 o’clock when we add the battery built into the headphone case, so we can use them for many days on a single charge. We can get up to two hours of operation from these headphones with a charge of just 10 minutes. Finally, it has a touch panel on the headset that allows you to control playback, receive or reject calls. They will soon arrive in Spain, and although we do not yet know their price, it should be similar to that of their predecessors in Spain, where they cost 29.99 euros.