New Google conditions: know what will happen to your photos and emails from Gmail on June 1


Apparently Google It will do the same as WhatsApp and will begin to modify its conditions of use from next month of this year. Should I accept something or will it be automatic? How do i do it? Well, here we tell you in detail so that you are not affected by this modification. Take note.

From June 1 Google will start charging for your cloud storage around 100GB for $ 1.99 / month. Many times the emails, photos, videos that we keep in Google Drive or Gmail would be the most affected by this regulation.

The company mentions that all the content that is uploaded from the aforementioned date, can be saved normally on its platform; however, exceeding a certain quota may cause the oldest content to be erased.

Will you delete all my emails starting June 1? Will my images from the cloud Google Photos Will they be affected? Will they change the size and resolution or will they stay that way? This you should keep in mind.


All the services you use in Google they are tied to a storage quota. In general, the Mountain View company gives all Google Photos, Drive or Gmail users a 15 GB account so you can upload what you want.

In case your account has not been used for more than two years, it is possible that all the content that they had in a different email or a different cloud account, would be deleted. Of course, you will be alerted three months before this process will run.

So you can know how much space you have left in Gmail, Google Drive or Google Photos.  (Photo: MAG)
So you can know how much space you have left in Gmail, Google Drive or Google Photos. (Photo: MAG)

Also, within its clauses, it mentions that if you uploaded high-quality photos before this new rule takes effect, they will not occupy part of the free storage that Google gives you.

On the contrary, the 15 GB will begin to apply from June 1, although we recommend you always go to visit your Gmail account, Google Drive so that the company detects that you are in constant activity and does not delete your documents without notice. .

To be able to check how much storage you have and how to delete the files that you no longer use automatically, you can go to this link.