Netflix launches ‘watch anything’ mode for when we don’t know where to go

Netflix launches 'watch anything' mode for when we don't know where to go
netflix launches 'watch anything' mode for when we don't know

This is a function that we use a lot when we listen to music. If we are tired of going track after track within the same albums, always we can press the little shuffle button so that the platform surprises us and relive, like this, that pleasant feeling of not having a clue of what the next song we are going to hear will be. So if we have such a control in Spotify, YouTube Music, etc., why not in a streaming video app?

Something like this must have occurred to Netflix to decide to enter that shuffle button That will allow us to finish a chapter and, when we tell it to “play something” for us, wait impatiently for the next recommendation. And that is just what has just arrived at the American subscription service, which has finally released this random mode for all its users, which was already circulating in beta form through some selected accounts.

Press and see what comes out

It is true that once we finish watching an entire series, and taking a look at what is there, there are times when we get the feeling that we don’t know where to go. That nothing we want with madness although in many cases the synopses we read seem interesting. So to break that “yes but no”, nothing better than this new button that takes the shape of the typical shuffle of streaming music applications.

PLAY SOMETHING will show you: ✔️ A new series / film similar to one you’ve watched before✔️An episode / film you’ve already watched and may want to watch again if it’s been a while ✔️ An episode from a show you’ve started but haven’t finished (it will pick up where you left off)

From Netflix they have described this random mode as ideal for those “moments when we just don’t want to make decisions. On a Friday night after a long work week. A fridge full of food but nothing you fancy. A family movie night where nobody agrees. We’ve all been through that. “So the best thing is to have a nuclear button to end disputes.

The idea behind this “play something” control is to simply “open Netflix and dive into a new story.” That is why they have “created Play Something, an exciting new way to relax and watch” with the emotion, ephemeral yes, of not knowing what we will begin to see. Content that will not be completely random and for which the platform will use our likes and previous playback history. And it is that there are so many alternatives that are stored in the streaming platform that a 100% random mode would not be entirely efficient.