My Italian heart is so happy tonight! Penne alla Vodka might sound intimidating,…

My Italian heart is so happy tonight! Penne alla Vodka might sound intimidating, but it is so simple! Creamy tomato sauce with a little bit of booze to intensify the tomato flavor. Don’t worry–it doesn’t taste like vodka at all, and the alcohol burns off. I promise you won’t get buzzed eating this. 😂⁣

If you’re not a vodka drinker, buy a couple of those mini vodka bottle from a liquor store. In the recipe, I also provide an alternative in case you don’t want to use alcohol at all. But it really does make a difference in flavor. ⁣

Add whatever protein you want. I’ve made it with both shrimp and chicken. There is plenty of sauce to cover it all! Seve with a side salad, perhaps with my Light Casaer dressing? YUM. ⁣

A serving is HUGE: 1 2/3 cups. You could have less to lower the points, but I’m all about those big servings when I can make it work. 330 calories. 3 SP on Purple. 9 SP on Blue and Green. ⁣

Recipe link in bio –> litecravings. Or google “lite cravings penne vodka.” It’ll pop right up. 🙂

24 thoughts on “My Italian heart is so happy tonight! Penne alla Vodka might sound intimidating,…”

  1. I was literally just thinking about finding a WW friendly penne alla vodka recipe today. You read my mind!

  2. This recipe is 🔥. I make it AT LEAST every other week and then we have leftovers. I throw some sautéed shrimp on top for some low point protein and I’ll often wilt some spinach in my portion to bulk it up and add veggies. Perfection!!!!

  3. I would love to have pasta and have a buzz after LOL! I am torn should I make this our the Cajun pasta tonight? Never had either and have ingredients for both!!

  4. Made this earlier in the week and it was a hit with the hubby & kids! Will definitely be making it again!

  5. Made this tonight and I am in love! So easy and so delicious! Def adding it to the dinner rotation. Thank you!!!

  6. Can you clarify the serving size? The post says 1 2/3 cup but the website says 1 1/3. Thanks!

  7. Delicious! Made this tonight was so good and I didn’t feel guilty. My homemade recipe is great but comes with higher calories and regret. Thank you for another good healthier recipe! Pared it with air fryer chicken cutlets @ sweetandsavorysteph. Yum!

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