“Mom had made spaghetti and meat sauce- perhaps the least Persian food ever, tho…

“Mom had made spaghetti and meat sauce- perhaps the least Persian food ever, though she did add a bit of turmeric to the sauce , which gave it a slight orange cast to the oil in it.” 🧡

One of the most underrated books in my opinion- why have I not seen this all over This book was so good! It’s the story of “Fractional Persian”, Darius whose mother is Persian and father is not so therefore the fractional. Darius and family go to Iran to visit his maternal grandparents and for any of us who have gone back to another country to visit relatives, I think we could relate to Darius and his experiences. I laughed as they packed gifts for everyone and then had gifts from their friends to give to THEIR families “back home”. And then there’s the feeling when you land in the country your family is from and you don’t stick out physically anymore but often feel so foreign at the same time. It’s such a unique experience and one I remember from when I was 16, stepping off the plane in Seoul. The relationship Darius has with his grandparents’ neighbor, Sohrab, was so special. Loved the friendship between these two boys. Another thing I appreciated about this book was its representation of depression and how it shows someone living with depression and medication in a very normal, matter of fact way- like how it is for many people. It’s a heavily character driven story that shares a slice of life perspective. So much is packed into this book and it’s so well done. It definitely had me in tears by the end. Can’t wait to read the next book in this series! 🧡

8 thoughts on ““Mom had made spaghetti and meat sauce- perhaps the least Persian food ever, tho…”

  1. Amazing review! I’m so looking forward to the chat about this one next month foe the Unabridged Podcast Buddy Read—I’m re-reading it now and love it so much.

  2. I’ve seen this book at bookstores but didn’t really understand what I was about!! Can’t wait to read it now. FABULOUS review!😁❤️

  3. Ahh this sounds good! I’m actually looking for some recs on books on third-culture kids, especially the part about feeling foreign in a country of your heritage aka your parents’ home country.

  4. I love this book 🧡 And I absolutely agree it’s not on enough people’s radar! So dang good. Wonderful review!

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