Microsoft’s Solitaire is on its anniversary: ​​to celebrate it comes double points, an extra theme and a special surprise

Microsoft's Solitaire is on its anniversary: ​​to celebrate it comes double points, an extra theme and a special surprise
microsoft's solitaire is on its anniversary: ​​to celebrate it comes


Do you know which is the most used Windows application? As it is almost certain that you are not going to get it right, I tell you now: the classic Solitaire video game. A title that comes by default in all versions of Windows and that now celebrates its 31st anniversary, there is nothing.

Microsoft celebrates the birthday of this well-known application / tool / utility that so many times has managed to get more than one out of boredom. An anniversary that is extended this month to all versions, whether on Windows 10, web, iOS and Android.

Living history on Windows

Solitaire 2

Now, as part of the celebration, players can earn double XP every day in May. And as an extra incentive, can unlock a new celebration theme and participate in various game events.

In addition, everything indicates that in the week from May 16 to 22, the “Anniversary Week”, they prepare something special, although there is very little information about it.

The lonely man was introduced in Windows 3.0 in the year 1990 And although it was not the first version of the operating system to include a graphical interface, it did introduce many new features and was the first to achieve great popularity worldwide.

For this version of solitaire that you can play yourself, Microsoft chose the Klondike variant. A Solitaire that together with the Minesweeper marked an era and that had a goal beyond play.

It was about teach users to operate the operating system itself with ease, because Microsoft thought that Solitaire would be a fun way to get users used to dragging and dropping. A time when using the mouse was a world and a daily discovery.

The truth is that 31 years have passed since the Solitary saw the light. Have you ever played Solitaire?

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