Microsoft wants to revolutionize Windows 10 thinking, yes, of the user

windows 10 1000x600.jpg
windows 10 1000x600.jpg

The Redmond giant has posted a series of job postings stating that wants to introduce radical changes in Windows 10. It is not the first time that we talk about a possible in-depth renovation of said operating system, but the truth is that this represents a rather complicated «adventure», above all because it is difficult to touch an operating system of this caliber and introduce modifications of great draft without “breaking” anything.

According to Windows Latest, the source of this news, one of the job offers has been published by Microsoft’s Interactive eXperiences Platform (IXP) team, which is responsible for the keys behind the Windows user experience (UX) and the applications of that operating system. Indeed, this is the team behind such important aspects as the kernel, rendering and input platform of aspects such as the start menu, the Office suite, Microsoft Edge and native Windows applications, among other things.

It is clearly stated in the job offer that they are embarking on a multi-year journey to revolutionize Windows 10, specifically through user experience. For this they want to take advantage of the latest hardware and create interactive experiences at a higher level than the current one. Interesting, no doubt.

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How could Microsoft revolutionize Windows 10?

It is complicated, not only because of what we have said before (touching a lot of things without breaking anything), but also because said operating system has a perfectly defined essence, and modifying certain things without losing it could be practically impossible. In the end, its base is what it is, and although it has changed over the years, it has always maintained a common base that, in the end, represents that essence, and that at the same time stands almost as an “impossible” barrier. to overcome.

All in all, Microsoft could starting from a series of basic concepts to improve Windows 10 and achieve a minor revolution, among which we can highlight:

  • An update in terms of design, with a more consistent finish and the final disappearance of all legacy elements.
  • Improved animations and transitions for a smoother feel, and an overall more enjoyable one-on-one experience.
  • New icons that contribute to give it a more modern touch, and greater homogeneity. This involves removing legacy icons that Microsoft has used for many years.
  • Rounded corners on the windows to create a more attractive and eye-catching effect. It would be the icing on the cake that presents all of the above.
  • An improved interaction, with new fonts and new functions that allow optimal use of Windows 10 from any compatible device.

Windows 10 21H2 will be the next big update that you will receive said operating system, and according to the latest information that we have been seeing, it will bring many of the improvements that we have listed in the previous five points, so it could mark the beginning of that “revolution” that Microsoft wants to carry out.