Met Eireann Ireland weather forecast after hottest day of the year at 22 ° C warned by experts

met eireann ireland weather forecast after hottest day of the

Met Eireann has forecast a sunburst with temperatures increasing towards the end of the week and into the weekend.

The National Forecaster has warned that “a fair amount of dry weather” will hit the weekend with temperatures that “will continue to rise.”

It will be moody at times with some rain and downpours at times, but also good dry spells according to Met Eireann, who only say at the moment that the temperature gauge will reach 17 ° C max.

But other experts warn of highs of 22 ° C for Sunday.

Ireland’s weather warnings read: “High pressure is expected to build on Ireland later this week and over the weekend.”

“This will keep things mostly dry and settled over the weekend.

“Sunday seems to be the peak with 22 ° C forecast. Next week there is still some uncertainty, but there is a possibility that the weather will be warmer again.”

Here’s what the next few days look like according to Met Eireann:

Today: “Good periods of sunshine with a few well-scattered showers tomorrow. It will become mostly dry until late afternoon and evening. Higher temperatures of 13 to 15 degrees Celsius with light to moderate breezes from the northwest.”

Morning: “A mostly dry day with erratic rains in the southwest, gradually clearing up and light rains in the northwest. There will also be some good periods of sunshine, the best of which will be in the morning and in the evening. higher temperatures of 13 to 16 degrees with variable light breezes. “

Thursday: “Some forecast uncertainty, but current indications suggest it will be a bright dry start for much of Ulster and Leinster. However, rain and clouds in Connacht and Munster will gradually spread across the country during the day. Highest temperatures 13 to 17 degrees in moderate, occasionally cool southeastern winds. “

Friday: “Rain will clear over much of the country in the morning, although it could linger across the East Coast counties for much of the day. Highest temperatures of 14 to 17 degrees with mostly light and variable breezes It will become mostly dry overnight with temperatures lower than 4-8 degrees. “

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