Memories: the Google Chrome feature that allows you to manage your web activity

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Google has launched a new feature called “Memories.” It is a tool that will allow you to manage Google Chrome activity. Now you can group tabs, bookmarks, and even your web browser history in one place. It also includes a search section so that you can explore the page more easily.

Although this activity is not something new, it is the first time that the company introduces the tool in its web browser. With this, Google empowers its users to manage their memories without having to resort to other platforms.

To use Memories you must have Chrome Canary 92.0.4479.0 or higher version

Access to Memories is extremely easy, you just have to have Chrome Canary 92.0.4479.0 or a higher version. This means that users with Chrome Stable or Beta cannot use this feature.

This tool is available for users with Windows, Mac, Linux devices, of course Chrome OS and Android. Although the Techdows team comments that it did not work for them.

To check the functionality of Memories, you must enable the corresponding flag function and restart the browser. To do this, you must first go to the chrome: // flags page.

Screenshot of "Memories", the new feature of Google Chrome
Screenshot of “Memories”, the new feature of Google Chrome.
Credits: Techdows

After the above procedure is done, you can visit chrome: // Memories at any time and start using the function.

Google leans towards content management apps

The presentation of Memories makes it clear to us that the company is leaning towards features that facilitate content management. A few weeks ago we reported the launch of Memory, a function aimed at the Google Assistant, in beta, and that will allow you to store reminders and events in a single application.

Obviously, the Mountain View giant is beefing up its browser with great new tools. After trying Momories, let us know your experience.

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