“Maybe some tea would calm me down .” P. 117 • What a world Harkness created!! …

“Maybe some tea would calm me down .” P. 117 💙

What a world Harkness created!! I will start by saying I am NOT really a fantasy lover at all but this has definitely changed my mind. I loved this world, loved the characters and the rules and regulations of this world. Not only are the two main characters so well developed, ALL of the characters felt really well developed! I read this as a real-time read in Sept and Oct which means I read it on the days it was happening in the book with a group led by justagirlwithabook and it was so much fun! I didn’t even realize I was reading almost 600 pages (with TINY print) because I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough! One comparison people may make is between this and Twilight just because it has vampires… I liked the Twilight series but I was fully and constantly aware that it was a YA read. The characters were teenagers so I eye-rolled quite a bit . This one is definitely more grown up in scope and feel as well as the writing. I can’t wait to get my hands on book 2. This books is another reminder of why I love and appreciate – for broadening and enriching my reading life!💙

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  1. Yesss!! I’m always surprised when I hear it being compared to twilight – it doesn’t come across that way to me at all, but to each their own. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m so glad you enjoyed the first book!! I didn’t notice that we knocked out 600 pages either! It seems to happen so fast!

  2. I picked this up on a total whim this past spring (I saw BBC America was carrying the series) and was pulled in so quickly. I ended up reading all 4 current books and the companion within a month or so. I was actually rewatching part of the TV series just today and contemplating whether I want to do a reread.

  3. I just finished the second one in the series and have really enjoyed them! I love how historical/researched they feel and the love story is so much better than twilight in terms of females being equal and able and all of that!

  4. I felt the same way about this book! I’m not a big fan of fantasy but I still loved this one so much!

  5. I had this on my shelf forever without actually reading it so I passed it on. You’re making me want to try again

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