Massive vaccine hit in Ireland issued with worrying update revealed by Health Minister

Government vaccine promises are up in the air due to a supply shortage of new vaccines.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly has said in the Dáil that massive problems with the supply line mean that it is not “clear” if the important promise of the Government to have 80% of adults with a puncture can now be fulfilled. for July.

This could affect the government’s plans to lift restrictions and reopen pubs in July, which will be announced by Taoiseach Micheal Martin in a state of the nation address on Friday night.

Donnelly said Thursday morning that there are now “serious concerns” surrounding the supply of Janssen’s game-changing one-shot jab, as he revealed that there are now only 60,000 of the 476,000 doses scheduled on the way next month.

He also said there are additional “questions” about AstraZeneca’s expected deliveries of hits, adding that they have been “consistently below” what they promised.

However, Donnelly also had good news to reveal to Dáil when he told TDs that half the adult population will have taken a hit this weekend.

The Minister also paid a great tribute to all those involved in the vaccine program as we move towards achieving this goal in the coming days.

He said: “I am delighted to be able to share this with colleagues.

“I was speaking with the HSE and with the (vaccine launch) task force and with the (Health) Department this morning to get the latest estimates and I am delighted to be able to share that we believe that by the end of this week the half of the adult population of our country will have received at least one dose of vaccine.

“And how wonderful for us to be able to discuss and share this morning.

“And I know that my colleagues will join me in expressing on behalf of the Government, on behalf of the Oireachtas, our enormous gratitude to the thousands, thousands and thousands of men and women from all the counties of our country in the vaccination centers, in the Practices of GPs, vaccination teams in nursing homes.

“We have had our therapists, our nurses, our doctors, doctors from the entire health care family.

“We have had students, volunteers, people who have just retired.

“We have had the National Ambulance Service playing an extraordinary role, we have had the health service playing an extraordinary role and we have had other government departments, other government agencies.

“This has been a truly national effort, and it continues to be, and isn’t that a wonderful thing?”

Opposition chief health spokesperson David Cullinane from Sinn Féin said: “I would like to thank the fact that half the population will have received a first dose this weekend, that is good news.”

But on the new problems of the supply line, he added: “It is not good news that we are seeing problems on the supply side.

“It is unacceptable”.

Via | Dublin live