LinkedIn adds new options to promote online events

linkedlin 730x442.jpg
linkedlin 730x442.jpg

LinkedIn is launching new tools that will help marketers implement their strategies within the platform.

Although LinkedIn has launched a number of free features in recent months, this latest update relates to new options offered by the platform to reach different content formats through ads.

New LinkedIn options to promote posts and events

On the one hand, LinkedIn wants to make it easier for professionals to transform a post into a paid ad without going through the Campaign Manager. And for this, it is implementing a new button that allows you to start this process in the same publication from the company’s LinkedIn page.

So if you see that a post is having a high level of acceptance, you can convert the organic content into an ad to increase your exposure. One detail to keep in mind is that this dynamic does not work if the publication includes a document, survey, job advertisement, among others. It only supports posts with one image.

On the other hand, LinkedIn is turning its attention to events and how to promote them through a new ad format that will appear in the feed. This new format is optimized to strategically display all the data that is required to promote an event and capture the attention of users.

Of course, it includes the subject, the date, time, LinkedIn connections that have confirmed attendance, and everything the user needs for a quick registration.

And to complement this strategy, it is also launching a series of metrics so that professionals can measure the effectiveness of this ad format and the reach of the events. They will be able to see, for example, the number of users who registered since the ad, total number of attendees, unique visits, demographic data, among other statistics.