LG says goodbye to the smartphone market: What does this mean for its users?


According to the Asia Business Daily, LG would stop making smartphones Starting this Monday, what will happen to users who have active brand mobile devices? That is the question that many of us are asking ourselves. This is due to the fact that in a previous announcement the South Korean firm had stated that the liquidation of the business would be completed at the end of July this year.

In this regard, we recently reported that LG had decided to withdraw from the mobile telephony market after having recorded large losses – more than 4 billion dollars – in the last five years. In effect, this situation led it to go from being one of the favorite brands among users to sink into the sink of a very competitive market full of innovative technologies.

But what will happen to the LG smartphones that are still in stock?

Although LG had already expressed its desire to exit the mobile telephony market, it continued to manufacture smartphones “to fulfill contracts with telecommunications companies.” Based on this, it is clear that we will find brand devices in more than one store. That means it will continue to support your teams.

Although, it had previously announced that both support and software updates for users “of existing mobile products for a period of time that will vary by region.” Therefore, the abandonment will not be immediate, as expressed by the company.

So will LG users continue to receive security updates and patches?

a hand holds a smartphone
LG will continue to send software updates for the next three years

Indeed, customers with LG mobile devices will continue to receive system updates for the next three years. The company even offers “four years of after-sales service from the date of manufacture.” With this, the company confirms its commitment to its customers, even after closing its mobile phone factories.

In this way, LG says goodbye to a market that for many years benefited it, but that today does not favor it. However, it will continue working on other projects oriented to the automotive sector, robotics and even sixth generation technology.