Italy begins to lose its definition in the middle of a campaign against curfew

Matteo Salvini’s League has started a campaign and a collection of signatures against this provision.

Italy begins this Monday the gradual reopening of some of its activities, according to the program provided by the Government, while the League, Mario Draghi’s partner in the Executive, continues its battle against the curfew that is maintained at 22.00.

Since this morning 50 million Italians, those who are in the yellow zones (the country is divided by a system of colors -red, orange, yellow or white- that define the restrictions) have been able to have breakfast on the terrace of the bars and will be able to eat and dine only in the restaurants that have outdoor tables.

And from today they also open with distance measures and limited capacity cinemas and theaters, while almost all secondary school and university students return to face-to-face classes.

The desire to return to the cinema was evident in Milan, where the Beltrade theater wanted to celebrate its reopening with a marathon of Italian classics that began with Nanni Moretti’s “Caro Diario” at 6:00 am and that sold out the 90 available tickets for this small venue .

The museums also reopen and the practice of outdoor sports will be allowed, also group sports, while gyms will reopen on June 1 and the outdoor pools will reopen on May 15.

Only from July 1 will you be able to go to the spas and theme parks.

You can also start traveling between regions in the yellow zone, what couldn’t be done since before Christmas.

Draghi’s decision to continue with the curfew at 10 p.m., which will limit the activity of restaurants, is causing tensions in the Government since the Matteo Salvini League has started a campaign and a collection of signatures against this provision allying with the only opposition party, the Brothers of Italy.

An initiative that has been criticized by the leader of the Democratic Party (PD), also in the Executive, Enrico Letta, stating that “Salvini participates in a collection of signatures against the curfew established by the government to which it belongs. If you don’t want to be in government, you shouldn’t. “