Instagram: tutorial to hide the ‘likes’ or ‘likes’ of the photos and videos of the feed


This Wednesday May 26 was the date chosen by Instagram to announce its new feature that will allow you to hide the count of ‘Like’ or ‘Likes’ of the publications made in the feed. The option is now available to all who wish to activate it and will soon be a reality on Facebook as well. Here we explain step by step how to achieve it.

In 2019, the social network did some tests, but users were not comfortable with not knowing how many people were liking the published photo. This time it is official, but the good thing is that the user will be able to decide whether or not they want to see the information. If you accept to hide, a number will no longer appear, but “(User name) and others liked it”.

How to activate it

Facebook, owner of Instagram, announced in a statement that the feature is now available and this tutorial will help you test it out.

  • To hide the ‘likes’ and also the number of reproductions in photos and videos, the first thing to do is enter the settings of Instagram.
  • Then go to the ‘privacy’ option.
  • Select ‘posts’ and activate the ‘hide likes and views’ section.
  • This option can be enabled so that it applies to all content, but also publication by publication, or even before publishing a content, or also afterwards.
Instagram users can hide the number of
Instagram users can hide the number of “Like” with this simple tutorial. (Photo: MAG)

Instagram He explained that during testing of the new feature, it was beneficial for some, while others found it “annoying” because they use the ‘Like’ data to find out what is popular or trending on the platform.

In the coming weeks, users of Facebook They will be able to see the controls to hide the ‘Like’ counter, according to the company.