Instagram tests using WhatsApp to send 2FA codes

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2021 05 24 12 24 20.jpg

Security is a primary factor in everything related to the use of technology and social networks do not escape from it. On the contrary, this is where one of the largest reserves of personal information to protect is found. Aware of this, Instagram plans to send 2FA authentication codes through WhatsApp, dispensing with SMS.

This is a very interesting improvement for the security mechanisms, which has recently been leaked by the developer Alessandro paluzzi.

Instagram seeks to bring 2FA codes to WhatsApp

Two-step authentication has been one of the great achievements of security technology. The best thing is that today, we are all familiar with it because it is nothing more than receiving a code via SMS to validate access to our accounts. However, although SMS technology continues to work, its security aspects can be risky today. That is why Instagram is looking for alternatives and this is how the sending of 2FA codes from Instagram to WhatsApp has been tested.

These tests are not surprising considering that both applications are part of the same house. So, if it is necessary to send a code through a messaging mechanism, what better than WhatsApp for it?

An interesting factor also arises from this and that is the privacy of the information we receive on WhatsApp. However, since the two applications are not linked, there is no need to worry about data crossovers. The application is only being used for its messaging functions and it will not store any of the codes.

So far there is no tentative date for the deployment of this new function. However, a significant change will result in the way two-factor authentications are handled.