Instagram could allow 2FA authentication by sending codes through WhatsApp

2fa intagram whatsapp 730x537.jpg
2fa intagram whatsapp 730x537.jpg

The activation of the two-step verification function (2FA) in user accounts in those services that allow it is increasingly recommended, so that they are better protected against possible access attempts by third parties. where in fact Google works to activate them by default in those user accounts that allow it, looking for a greater number of users with their accounts protected by this method.

And as you know, the additional layer of security can range from the simple reception of a code valid for once by SMS to the use of physical security keys, among other methods.

Relying on WhatsApp as an alternative to SMS

Over time, it is observed, and this is what the experts indicate, that the method based on sending a 2FA authentication code via SMS message is impractical and secure, given the attackers’ strategies when intercepting received SMS messages. for its victims, so this method is gradually being discarded along the way.

In this sense, Instagram is working on an alternative method by which users will receive the authentication codes through messages by WhatsApp in the logins they make, as shared a few days ago by the leaker and application researcher Alessandro Paluzzi on your Twitter profile, with a couple of screenshots clearly showing how this feature works, still in development.

As can be seen, and although it seems contradictory, users have to first verify their WhatsApp accounts for Instagram by receiving a unique SMS message. It will be in subsequent login processes when the sending of code through SMS messages is completely discarded.

In this sense, For each subsequent login they make on Instagram, and with the two-factor verification activated, they will receive a single valid code through the WhatsApp messaging service, thus avoiding the reception of codes through SMS messages.

According to the captures, WhatsApp will not store any data. As we pointed out, at the moment it is a feature that is under development, and the moment when it will come into operation for all users is unknown.

In this way, Instagram takes advantage of other services from Facebook’s own family of applications to establish an alternative method, and more taking into account the enormous popularity of WhatsApp, reaching up to a quarter of the world’s population.

Image Credit: Alessandro Paluzzi