Ingenia Bootcamp experience, two months of specialization to accelerate your professional career

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For several years, Bootcamps have become protagonists of the specialized educational world. Intensive courses with realistic practical sessions, great professionals teaching theory and practice with years of experience behind them, internships in companies and viable promises of jobs are just some of the advantages that many Bootcamps offer, and today we will talk about one that you do not you can lose.

It is about Ingenia Bootcamp Experience, 2 months of fullstack or cybersecurity, 320 teaching hours, and these are some of the points that are worth highlighting from the experience:

  • They offer dozens of jobs, available to all participants who complete the training. Ingenia hires 80% of the participants, being only necessary to acquire the essential knowledge of the bootcamps.
  • Imagina is in charge of training, a company that has been working in the sector for 11 years, being responsible for the training of more than 1,000 companies in Spain.

The first point is of special importance, since participating in a Bootcamp and developing it fully is a task that requires effort and sacrifice, so knowing that there is a job at the end is an incentive that will help you give your all during those 320 hours.

Once inside Ingenia, new employees will be able to continue training in various technical areas for months, until they find the ideal position for each profile.

One of the pillars that they comment on on their website refers to the selection process, where they indicate that the participants will be surrounded by the most talented professionals in Spain for new technologies, thus showing the level of both demand and quality in teaching .

Ingenia Bootcamp experience

On your page we can also see more details of the Bootcamps available at this time, both that of Fullstack Developer and that of Cybersecurity 360.

As you can see in the upper screenshot, the first one is focused on development, where object-oriented programming languages ​​and frameworks as popular as Angular will be dealt with.

In the second, we talk about security, an increasingly relevant issue in the technology sector, mainly after opening the doors of the Internet of Things and multiplying the possible victims of an attack of these characteristics.

You can get more information at and request specific information about each of the Bootcamps offered.