“I handed over my twenty bucks to Nolan while shrimp lo mein dangled from my mou…

“I handed over my twenty bucks to Nolan while shrimp lo mein dangled from my mouth.” 💛

Thank you avonbooks for gifting me a copy of this book! Another great Suzanne Park read! It definitely had a rom-com feel but more com, less of the rom which was fine! Like a lot of movie rom-coms, there are definitely over the top moments but it worked for the movie Bridesmaids and it worked for me in this book . Speaking of bridesmaids, this crew of friends was probably not my fave but I appreciated that it was more realistic than the constant show of best friends that are loyal and will drop anything at any second. That’s amazing but I love that friendship can be portrayed as more casual and new (post-college) and not always ride-or-die but I’m here for you as much as I can be. The book’s protagonist is a young Korean-American woman navigating the sexist and racist arena of the video game industry. My husband used to work in video games and it really is so heavily male dominated. While again, some scenes may have been over the top for comedic purposes, the root of the issues and situations is unfortunately very true to the industry. Made me think of nonfiction book Brotopia by Emily Chang about women in tech. One highlight in this book is the Korean parent representation! I laughed out loud so much reading about Melody’s parents. This is why I love reading – makes me nostalgic for my childhood and my friends! There’s a scene where the parents have an issue with the timing of a birthday call and I remember my dad used to get so mad if I called too late in the day on his birthday, saying it was meaningless to be an afterthought and I should always call early in the morning….. as he forgot my birthday completely this year (and called to say it’s because he’s old!) hahaha! This book has a lot more depth than I expected and suzannepark has definitely become an auto buy author for me! 💛

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  1. Sounds like a good one! Usually your posts make me hungry for whatever you’re posting a picture of, but today I just finished eating shrimp lo mein, so I’m good! 😂

  2. This book has been great so far and oh so very funny. The parents are definitely a highlight!

  3. Great review! I loved it so much, even though I would have liked more romance. It’s probably one of my favorites this month!

  4. Love your review!! I just finished the book and totally agree with your assessment of its strengths.

  5. Oh this one sounds really good and I’d also like to read Brotopia. Great review, and I love #ownvoices books, I just love seeing more stories and representation!

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